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Change is good?

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Change is hard.

I mean really hard.

There’s this whole theory out there that says that change is good.

I don’t buy it.

And dealing with change gets harder as you get older. Or so they tell me. I haven’t experienced that…yet.

So imagine how the entire staff at the Library felt this summer when not one but two co-workers left to pursue other activities. One went off to attend school out of state and the other narrowed her part-time jobs from two down to one.

Kind of hard to hold it against them – really. But it did mean that dreaded word “change” became a part of our vocabulary. The unknown is always scary so there was also a certain amount of anxiety involved.

So we waded through the mountain of applications we received and hired two new people – Janis and Jim who started at the beginning of August.

But after a month I can safely say that change IS good. Sometimes it takes awhile to realize that but other times it becomes apparent early on.

Fall brings about changes in schools and routines and activities so this change in our staff seems to have happened at the right time.

Stop in and say Hi to Janis and Jim – and include the Library in your new routine!