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Finding Time

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My goal is to make it through the holiday season without noticeable (on my end) weight gain. To that end, I’ve started walking to work. This sounds good, I know, and very virtuous – until you hear all the times that I won’t walk.

When it’s raining because I don’t like umbrellas. When it’s snowing because that might slow me down and mean getting up earlier than I like to. When it’s icy because I might slip and fall. I haven’t figured out what my limits will be in the summertime – if there will be a temperature that’s just too hot for me to consider the thought of walking.

Which leads me in a very roundabout way to reading.

It occurs to me that I set similar limits to my reading time.

I can’t read if there’s work to be done around the house. Or if there’s a program on TV that I want to watch. Or if I’m too tired. Or if I only have a few minutes in between projects. Or if there’s a project that I think I absolutely have to work on.

As you can imagine, all those limitations don’t leave much time for reading.

I once said to a group of women that I wanted to belong to a “Reading Club”. They all looked at me like I was crazy but the thought of going somewhere and just sitting and reading together sounded then (and still does) like a good idea.

We used to do that when I was growing up. At one house or another, my cousins and I would get together on Sunday afternoons and sit around and read. Sometimes we read the same book at the same time which is quite a feat to accomplish.

My resolution for this year should be obvious – to make more time to read. Which means turning off the television or giving up some of that housework (easy to do!). I know I’ll be happier for having done it.
Here’s hoping you find reading time in the New Year, too.