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Indianola woman found after CodeRed system activated Monday

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Warren County’s emergency management system, called CodeRed, was activated Monday to help the Indianola Police Department find a missing woman.

Police Chief Dave Button said a report on the incident will not be released, but said the Indianola Police Department tried to respond to a welfare check yesterday afternoon.

According to police scanner traffic happening Monday afternoon, a caller was worried that a woman may have taken too many sleeping pills.

Button said that police were unable to locate the woman at her home and her car was gone.

The Indianola Police Department tried to find the woman by tracking her phone calls but they were still unable to locate her so the CodeRed system was activated.

The system sends an automated voice message to all subscribers.

Button said within minutes of CodeRed being activated the woman was located.

The woman, who was described as 75 years old and driving a white Cadillac, was located at DeNelsky Park in Indianola.

CodeRed is free, confidential and users can sign up at