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It’s going to be a good year

Categories: Indianola

And there you have it. Simpson College students have finished their first week of school.

There’s always this sense of uncertainty when starting a new school year. Students often question what the year will bring them. Are we pursuing the right majors? What about the right minors? Are we participating in the right clubs? Is this school still the place for me?

Professors wonder what their classroom dynamics will be like, or if students will care about the knowledge they have to bring to their courses.

I think the uncertainty sums up the college experience for everyone quite well. For Simpson students, faculty and administration, this is what makes us the well-rounded community we are. It pushes us out of our comfort zones to do as many things as possible in a school year. It keeps our minds creative. The new ideas are always fresh and keep us moving forward toward success.

Freshmen are finding their niche and will soon realize what their passions are. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are fine tuning their skills and honing more experiences through their new courses and leadership positions. Greek recruitment registration numbers are up and the fraternities and sororities are excited for Recruitment 2013.¬†All of our Simpson athletes are working hard, despite the sweltering heat.¬†Storm Football plays Iowa Wesleyan this Saturday, Sept. 7 at 1:00 p.m. Our football players have prepared all summer and haven’t stopped practicing.

And beyond student accomplishments, the Simpson campus is growing. Cowles construction is underway and will be completed by January 2014. In the first week alone, Kent Campus Center has experienced different campus activities to unite the Simpson community.

Our new president, Dr. Jay Simmons, also has a ton of ideas on how to keep our community thriving. He’s already made it clear how he’s here for the students, faculty and prospective students. Our 23rd president couldn’t be any more qualified to carry out our commitment to success at Simpson.

So, join us in a wonderful school year at Simpson College. We’ve only finished the first week but already have ways to achieve success that’s worth remembering.

Go Storm!