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Living Healthy

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I recently signed up (with seven co-workers) to participate in the Live Healthy Iowa program.

After my team captains signed me up, I logged in and took the nutrition assessment. I didn’t lie… much. Really.

About an hour later, it occurred to me that the Live Healthy Iowa program is all about nutrition and activity/exercise. All of the questions on the assessment were about what foods I eat and how much I exercise.

I understand that – I do. Americans in general are overweight, Iowans in particular, and Warren County residents especially. (I think the statistic I heard is that the obesity rate in Warren County is 6% higher than the state average which is already high.)

Being a healthy, well-rounded person involves more than eating correctly and exercising a lot, though. Or so it seems to me.

Nowhere on the questionnaire were any questions relating to how spend your personal time and reduce stress. Do you read? Go to movies? Spend time with friends and neighbors? Meditate? Knit? Wood carving? Watch TV? Fish?

In other words, how do you relax?

During the next ten weeks (the length of the program), I’m going to do everything I can to exercise more and eat better. But I’m also going to make sure that I find time to take care of the rest of me by reading more and taking time for activities with friends and family.

I plan to be healthier all round by April 5 – I hope you are, too!