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Remember…shop local all the year through.

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Whew…the Christmas holiday is over and now what resumes…shopping!  Yepper, shopping.  Everyone wants to save a buck and it’s even better if you have something to return and can buy even more for your $$$.  Don’t forget to plan a little ‘eating’ experience while you’re out on the town.

As you make plans to shop the “after Christmas sales” please remember to continue to “Shop Local”.  It’s a well known fact that the last couple of months of the year are the life-blood for retailers.  From October to December 24th, the slower, at times…deathly pace,  of retail sales, is squared up and moves from the red zone to gray, and really needing to be in the BLACK;  to end the year out on top.  However, the lean months are right around the corner; and, this just may be the time your efforts to “shop local” are even more important; so there’s a bit less “feast or famine” and uncertainty for the small retailer.  Truly!

My first year on The Square has come and gone.  I have mentors both near and far and all have shared the same sentiment with me, “it’s scary, very scary” when speaking of their sales the rest of the year.  I’ve done some digging and am providing the following information for your reference.  It would appear that shopping small and local is a good bet year ‘round; as well as, remembering our malls and larger retail chains right here in our own backyard…rather than going the convenience route and ordering online. 

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