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Share, Share and Share some more…

shop indy down signI’m often asked “how can we help bring more business to The Square?” OR, we hear this, “I just don’t need anything”, “I don’t decorate in this way”, “my mom/sis/friend would love it here”

Here’s a couple ways you can help bring more business to the merchants on The Square and Indianola/Warren County as a whole:

SHARE, SHARE, and SHARE SOME MORE. It’s very easy,follow the shops and the Indianola Downtown group on Facebook. Share the posts by clicking on the share button and walla, more people become aware.

INVITE, INVITE and INVITE SOME MORE. We know our customers can’t shop OR purchase from us every week, even monthly; But, you may have family and friends, co-workers, visitors, etc. that would LOVE to spend some time in Indianola and The Square, if they knew we were HERE.

TELL, TELL and TELL SOME MORE. We know that there are thousands of visitors to Indianola and Warren County each year that are NOT even aware of The Square and surrounding merchants. How can we attract these people to our eateries and shops? What can you do to help us out with this? Where we’re missing them…School functions: music, art, drama, dance, sporting events, invitationals, speech contests, and more.

HELP, HELP and HELP SOME MORE. In any way you can, please help us spread the word…not once, not twice, but every chance you get. Thanks so much!

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Beth Voltmer
I grew up in NE Des Moines, moved to Indianola in 1978 and call our farm in rural New Virginia, home today. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, entrepreneur, crafter, designer and Shopkeeper at Burlap & Roses in Indianola. I love my's taken me years to get here...but I'm pretty content and find that I'm drawn to an inspired life of creativity, learning, living and loving. My life's story weaves itself in and out of happiness, contentment, struggles, laughter, hardships, sadness, losses, gains, friends and family. What I know now, is that my life's story has made me who I am and I have been inspired by it and hope to be an inspiration to others...My Inspired Life~ You can enjoy my personal/business blog at: AND follow Burlap & Roses on FACEBOOK at: Burlap & Roses.