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Shoes and Reading

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Shoes and reading aren’t necessarily two topics that are related but as I was limping home from work the other day in a pair of new sandals that had already badly blistered my feet in only four hours, it occurred to me that they might be.

I love to buy shoes and sandals but have gotten increasingly fussy over the years. Gone are the days when I would look at and buy shoes with high heels. Over the years, I know that my comfort level is stretched at 2” heels and that the shorter the heel the better.

My buying selections are also limited by those brands that I know will fit my feet. While shopping with a friend last fall I said to her “You know, I used to think that Clarks shoes were ugly but now I think they’re cute.” To which she replied “Joyce, they’re still ugly.” But comfortable!

Last summer I purchased a pair of sandals from that very same brand, put them on and wore them a couple of times before taking them on a trip that involved a lot of walking. Not a blister to be found from the very first time I wore them. And they were cute too, I swear!

Obviously not the same could be said of the pair I wore the other day. I will admit that I debated about the wisdom of wearing a brand new pair on a day that I walked to work. But still, it was a brand I was familiar with…

So how does this connect to reading, you might ask?

Some books are really like wearing an old and very comfortable pair of shoes (or sandals, depending on the season). You sit down and curl up, open the book and are immediately at home with the characters and the writing.

Others take a little bit of getting used to. You sit down and curl up and open the book…but try as you might you just can’t get used to the writing style or care about the people. Any little distraction that comes along pulls you away from the book. The cobwebs in that corner. A bird flying by outside. But sometimes those books are the ones that reward you with a great reading experience if only you keep plugging away.

And then, of course, there are those books for which the “Rule of 50” is 49 pages too long. (The “Rule of 50” says that you don’t have to read the whole book, you just have to read the first 50 pages. And then if you don’t like it you can quit reading it without any guilt.)

Right now I have Band-Aids in several places on my feet but I’m not giving up on those sandals. In a week, I’ll try again. And tonight when I go home, I’m going to try again on the book I’m reading and hope that this is the night that I start to care about the characters.