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Spur the Local Economy On with your $$

Here’s a fun thing you can do, to really track where your spending is at.  Much like dieters and budgeters do, use your calendar to log where you’ve spent your dollars and how much you spent.  Then, take it a step further and evaluate if those dollars were spent “at home” or out of town.  Then, ask yourself, could you have spent those dollars “at home”?  Did you even consider that you may have been able to find what you needed “at home”?  Then, why or why not do you spend your time and dollars “at home” or would prefer elsewhere.  Just a fun activity to get to know your spending habits and to recognize that maybe you could consciously keep it local a bit more often. 

The Stitching place window editedThis does not mean that I’m suggesting you not shop elsewhere, have a night out on the town.  This is NOT what I’m suggesting at all.  What I am suggesting is that it IS important for you to spend your dollars at home and if you can change just one or two of your shopping, entertaining habits, it could make a world of difference to your own local economy…those mom and pops that support so many of your causes. 


Almost weekly, someone from Indianola/Warren County (LOCALS) come into my shop or another merchant will mention to me that someone came in and said, ‘Wow, I had no idea all these shops were up here’ or, how about this one, “I’ve lived here for years and had no idea we had a Square” Seriously, folks…we hear this all the time.  Take a look around, get off your “beaten” path and discover your community…all of it, not just The Square.  And thanks to those of you that do!

Lastly, the Public Library has put out another story walk around The Square, titled, “What Will I Do Without You”, by Sally Grindley.  Start your walk at the Library and make your way around to the participating merchants and businesses on the Square. 


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Beth Voltmer
I grew up in NE Des Moines, moved to Indianola in 1978 and call our farm in rural New Virginia, home today. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, entrepreneur, crafter, designer and Shopkeeper at Burlap & Roses in Indianola. I love my's taken me years to get here...but I'm pretty content and find that I'm drawn to an inspired life of creativity, learning, living and loving. My life's story weaves itself in and out of happiness, contentment, struggles, laughter, hardships, sadness, losses, gains, friends and family. What I know now, is that my life's story has made me who I am and I have been inspired by it and hope to be an inspiration to others...My Inspired Life~ You can enjoy my personal/business blog at: AND follow Burlap & Roses on FACEBOOK at: Burlap & Roses.