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Those Lazy Days of Summer

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August is our slow month – relatively speaking, that is.

Think of it as the time between family gatherings in the summer. One set of people leaves and you have just about enough time to change the sheets on the bed, clean the bathrooms, vacuum, and restock the refrigerator…before the next round of guests arrives.

That’s what we’ll be doing during the first few weeks this month. Putting away the summer reading information, cleaning off desks that have gotten piled high with “stuff” because there wasn’t time to deal with it, and generally getting ready for the next round of programming…which begins in earnest on August 27.

Before then though we do have a couple of things happening. Both of them are highlighted elsewhere in this newsletter but I want to make sure you know about them. (There is research out there that says people need to hear new information three times in order to remember it. By the time you get done reading this newsletter, you will have read it twice!)

On August 6 we will have our first-ever “Blast Off for Fall” event. It will run from 6:30-8:00 p.m. and will provide people with the opportunity to register for fall programs. In addition a couple of our “Tales to Tails” dogs will be here, we’ll have a craft to work on, face painting, and Daniel Poe from Creations with a Twist will share his balloon art. It will be a fun evening for all ages. No need to register – just come.

And on August 12, we’ll have our third “Teddy Bear Sleepover” for Teddy bears of children ages 3-10. This one does require registration because we need to know how much room we’ll need for all those Teddy bears. After spending the night in the Library they will be reunited with their owners for breakfast the next morning. We are always amazed at the high jinks that occur when the Library is closed!

Our regular fall schedule begins on Tuesday, August 27 (as mentioned previously) with story times and a book club. Check out our online calendar for more information.