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What to Read, What to Read?

Categories: Indianola, Library, Opinion

Part of my travel preparation routine (whether for a weekend trip or a long trip) is trying to decide not just which books to take with me but how many.
My eyes are almost always bigger than the time I have.
On a recent overseas trip I took two thick books with me and thought I would have both of them read or almost read by the time I got home. In fact I thought I would have one of them read before my long flight took off and would certainly have it finished before we landed.
I didn’t account for time spent talking in the airport. Or on how exhausting the plane ride is. Or, for that matter, the lack of time to spend reading while on the trip. In fact, I completed the first book shortly after the return flight took off and started the second book almost immediately.
“Travel book choices” are complicated now by the availability of books in ebook format. I contemplated reserving books through WILBOR, the Library’s consortium and ebook supplier. But I wasn’t sure of Internet access (wisely as it turned out since I had difficulties accessing the hotel’s wifi) and wasn’t sure the two-week checkout period would work so I opted out of that choice. Still, hauling books along with you takes up valuable suitcase space…
Almost always the books I take with me on vacations are ones I’ve been looking forward to reading or saving for just such a long trip. They’re the ones that come out of my “To Be Read” pile at home.
So you can imagine my dismay when I don’t get them finished while I’m gone. Especially since I always have Library books waiting for me in that other pile – the “Read and Return ASAP” pile.
Adding to the reading pressure when I return are all the things that I have to do that didn’t get done while I was away. And then there’s always jet lag…
As I write this, I haven’t spent much time reading in the 10 days I’ve been home. But I’m hopeful that I’ll have time soon.
The only question is: finish the book I started on the plane? Or start a new book from the “Read and Return ASAP” pile. Decisions!