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Young’s 99-county tour almost complete

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David Young, a Republican from Van Meter who is vying for Senator Tom Harkin’s US Senate seat, made Warren County his 98th stop on a 99 county tour.

The tour is a trick he learned from a man that he called his mentor, Senator Chuck Grassley. Young has been Grassley’s Chief of Staff since 2006.

During his time in Warren County, Young said he spent about 45 minutes meeting local business owners in Indianola and was planning on going to Simpson College to meet with the College Republicans.

Young shared his ideas on how he could help Warren County by creating jobs.

One of his ideas is to get rid Obamacare, although he said it could be done in a different manner than how the federal government is currently handling it.

“We need to get rid of Obamacare. It has created some uncertainty for businesses,” Young said. “Small businesses are afraid to grow. Larger businesses are afraid of getting penalized so they’re laying people off and hiring part-time help.”

Despite his view on the Affordable Care Act, Young criticized leaders in Washington for the way they’re handling the current shutdown, which was caused because Republicans and Democrats couldn’t find a way to agree on how to fund and move forward with the Act.

“If Washington was doing their job we wouldn’t be in a shutdown,” Young said. “They’d pass budgets on time and we wouldn’t have a problem.”

He said it seems like the federal government is always operating in crisis-management mode.

“We have to make sure those in Washington are doing what we sent them over to do.”

Young had a list of other ways he would be able to bring more jobs to Iowa.

He said the government should allow the building of the Keystone Pipeline.

Young said it wouldn’t cost tax payers money and would bring more manufacturing jobs to Iowa, specifically southern Iowa.

He said he would also fight to make the federal tax code easier to understand and permanent so businesses would know what to expect year to year and he would try and take some power away from the International Revenue Service.

Young said he would be able to do all of this because he already knows the rules and tools of the Senate from working with Grassley.

“Senator Grassley has been a great friend and mentor and I will be just as dogged as he is in working for Iowa and Iowans,” Young said.